About Us

Located on Main Street in Downtown McPherson, Ks, Bob’s Golf Club offers year round climate controlled golf. Whether you are trying to improve your game, have a fun night out with family and friends, or just learning how to play without having to purchase all the equipment, we are the place for you.

Our Story

I started playing golf about 2 years ago and instantly fell in love with the game. I simply wanted to play all of the time but found that it was difficult at times for various reasons. So what started out as a guy wanting to play golf in his garage quickly turned into a business idea. A thought occurred to me as to how many others would like to play golf through the winter, in bad weather, the evening, or just because the local courses are too busy. After many discussions with friends and golfers alike and many hours of research a plan was hatched to open an indoor golf facility. Our hope is not only that golfers can keep playing and getting better but that we can introduce the game to those who have never picked up a club.

Photos of our Facility

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