Bob’s Golf Club League Rules


Each team or individual will play 10 rounds of league play. League matches consist of 9 holes on a predetermined course played on the simulator each week. Teams will be able to choose tee times that work best for them on a weekly basis. Tee times will be in 1-Hour blocks per two-man team or individual. Please give us a call at 620-798-4255 with any additional league questions.

League Play

  • Beginning this fall when we have enough teams
  • Contact Bob LaSalle at (620) 245-8338  or pick up a form during regular business hours to register your team
  • League Fees: $100/ team or $50/ individual and a $10 fee each week
  • Initial Fees must be paid in full at your time of registration
  • Prize Pool will be awarded at end of league
  • 9-hole, team net format, with individual established league handicap


We will set aside Wednesday nights from 5pm to 8pm for those who want to want to play along with other teams. If you are unable to attend Wednesday evenings, call (620) 798-4255 or go to to reserve your time each week, please state you are doing league play. If you would like to schedule a specific tee time each week, please let us know your preferred day and time when you register. We will do our best to accommodate, but it is not guaranteed.

Simulator Rules

  • All players must wash clubs prior to each round.  Any dirt will increase chances of simulator error.
  • No food or drink in the hitting area.
  • Only hit from the designated hitting area.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age to play.


  • Players will be given handicaps based on first two weeks of play.  They will continue to be adjusted every round throughout the season.  Once your team establishes a handicap after the regular season, the handicaps will be set for playoffs.
  • Handicaps are based on league rounds only.


  • If there is enough interest we will do Men’s, Women’s, and/or Youth leagues
  • Each team will play one 9-hole round.  League rounds may be played at any time but must be completed by the end of each week.

Matches/Time Limits

  • A minimum of (1) 9-hole round will be scheduled each week.
  • Players can play as far as the next weeks round ahead Example: Bob needs to go out of town and will not have access to the Simulator for the next week. He could play those rounds before he leaves to stay current. HOWEVER, HE CAN NOT MAKE THE ROUNDS UP AFTER THOSE ROUNDS ARE CLOSED.
  • Group of 2 (One Team): One Hour to complete 9-hole round.
  • Group of 4 (Two Teams): Two Hours to complete 9-hole round.
  • Any holes not finished in that time will be given a triple bogey.

Score Reporting

  • You are required to take a picture of your final scorecard for that week and show it to an available employee or text it to Bob @ (620) 245-8338


  • However, if the system has an error, please report to the staff member and they will set a mulligan for you.


Example: Player A and Player B are on a team. Player A is a 2 handicap and Player B is a 6

handicap. Player A shoots a 38, his handicap is subtracted from the total score, 38 – 2 = 36.

Player B shoots a 48, his handicap is subtracted from the total score, 48-6 = 42.

The score for team A/B is 36+42=78.

Scoring: Each week, each team competes against all other teams in the league

Example: If there are 10 teams in the league, the lowest net team total (70) will receive 10

points, the second lowest team net (73) receives 9 points, third lowest (76), 8 points, etc. The

example team would get team A/B – – 8 points for the week.

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